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Where to find Study Material for Bank PO exams?

Bank PO is considered one of the most important and reputed jobs in India. It is equivalent to a government job. Luxury and benefits of a bank job are even better than a government job. Bank PO job is a job of Probationary officer in the bank.

bank po

As it is an officer post, the responsibility is also big. Many private and public sector banks conduct exams for recruitment of PO post in their banks. The syllabus of bank PO exam includes General awareness, quantitative aptitude, reasoning and English subjects.

When it comes to study, candidates must have proper study material for their exam preparation. Study material for exams can be found either online or offline. You can easily find many bank PO exam books in your local bookstore. They all are good, but you should choose the best and the most relevant one. You can also go for online study material. You can find a lot of bank PO exam books online either for free or paid. You can download e-books online or can read online. Also, you can read individual subjects online. Apart from online books, you can also join an exam test series to test your skills and preparation status online.

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Online preparation for bank PO exam is easy and convenient. Online study material is easy to find, cost effective and easy accessible.


How technologies play a very important role in Online Education?

Online Education is spreading worldwide at different speeds and limits. It is only possible due to the following key technologies. With the help of key technologies, we are seeing the development of various learning platforms and environments. There is no doubt that the impact of these key technologies on entire education industries will be increasingly profound in the years to come.

1.High Speed Internet Service-:  There are many areas in the world in which high speed internet connectivity hasn’t reached till now, but according to the latest statics contribution incursion worldwide sits at about 10% for fixed line connections and 29% for mobile connections. One more thing you should keep in mind is that these numbers can only reflect actual subscriptions, not compulsory total numbers of users. Broadband technology is giving online test facility to millions of students around the world. Students can easily access online courses, interactive programs, useful  information and other study materials.

2.Smart Phones and Tablet-: With the high speed on the internet , it is also necessary to develop such types of fast resources through, which we can get that high speed. This is where smart phones and tablet comes into the mind. Thanks to these smart devices because with the help of these devices, students can access complete study material online.

3.Video conferencing-:  Video conferencing plays a very important role in Online India Education.   Students and teacher shares study materials between each other with the help of online connectivity. They can talk and share information with the help of high quality video meeting.  With help video conferencing, one particular teacher can take classes of many numbers of students at one time. Students can understand each and every point clearly with the help of video conferencing.

Online Exams India

4.Mobile Apps-:  There are many mobile apps available in the market for android and apple. There are many mobile apps available in the market that are related online education and can be downloaded. These apps can be used for so many different digital tasks. Thanks to these apps and mobile applications, students can learn from anywhere through the web can reach out.

5.Social Media Platforms-:  With the help of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, students can contribute to each other on all types of projects. Students can contact their teachers and professors with various questions and access human resources in the form all sorts of online learning groups.

Need To change Education System in India

Education has been a problem in India. Currently in Indian education system is very poor. Ravindra Nath Tagore wrote an article about Indian education system and demand that currently education system needs to change. At that time in India many top universities and colleges established they run IIT, IIM, law colleges and medical college. But in comparison to other countries we have many mistakes in the education system. So many students switched to other foreign country for higher studies and also want to settle there.

education online india

Students and education staff only focus on results and marks they don’t care about learning technologies. Education systems divided according states and state board decides how to manage the system. Currently we don’t have nationalized education systems. If any students get higher marks in competitive exam they didn’t able to take admission in good universities due to reservation and other lengthy process. So they are going to abroad for completing higher education.

Some tips are makes helps to improve education system:
• Focus on the primary skill based education
• Reward creativity, original thinking and research power
• Implement smarter technology to teach like: virtual classroom and online education
• Implement massive technology
• Define the purpose of education systems
• Personalize education: because all students are not same
• Make reservation system irreverent

These tips are helpful to change the education system. If we see about global education system many countries apply online exams and online classes for students according their requirement. In some states in India smart classes are started but they don’t cover all audiences. If we apply online exams India in the whole country for recruitment exams and competitive exams it’s save time and money also. If our thinking that Indian students compete other countries students, then we must start the online education system in India.

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How to find a Job in India?

India is a country with the second highest population in the world after China. Apart from population, literacy and unemployment are other major problems of the country. All these problems are somehow interrelated. High population rate is responsible for poverty and unemployment. There is one more issue. It is not true that India doesn’t have any job opportunities and employment for people, but the fact is that people are not aware of their relevant jobs. Here, we will discuss some tips to find jobs in India.

jobs india

  • Do not quit unless and until you find a job.
  • Make a perfect resume highlighting everything recruiters need to know. Mention your qualifications, special achievements, interests, experience (if any) in a very precised way.
  • Make a profile and post your resume on major job portals and websites. Keep visiting the websites regularly or subscribe for email alerts.
  • Update your social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to make them look professional. Many recruiters these days, judge a candidate by his/her social media presence and activities.
  • Apply for a job even if you do not possess the minimum required qualification, but still you think that you are suitable for the job. Make sure that you prove yourself in the interview.
  • Keep confidence and do not lose hope. Confidence is the key to success in a job interview.

All the best!!!