Need To change Education System in India

Education has been a problem in India. Currently in Indian education system is very poor. Ravindra Nath Tagore wrote an article about Indian education system and demand that currently education system needs to change. At that time in India many top universities and colleges established they run IIT, IIM, law colleges and medical college. But in comparison to other countries we have many mistakes in the education system. So many students switched to other foreign country for higher studies and also want to settle there.

education online india

Students and education staff only focus on results and marks they don’t care about learning technologies. Education systems divided according states and state board decides how to manage the system. Currently we don’t have nationalized education systems. If any students get higher marks in competitive exam they didn’t able to take admission in good universities due to reservation and other lengthy process. So they are going to abroad for completing higher education.

Some tips are makes helps to improve education system:
• Focus on the primary skill based education
• Reward creativity, original thinking and research power
• Implement smarter technology to teach like: virtual classroom and online education
• Implement massive technology
• Define the purpose of education systems
• Personalize education: because all students are not same
• Make reservation system irreverent

These tips are helpful to change the education system. If we see about global education system many countries apply online exams and online classes for students according their requirement. In some states in India smart classes are started but they don’t cover all audiences. If we apply online exams India in the whole country for recruitment exams and competitive exams it’s save time and money also. If our thinking that Indian students compete other countries students, then we must start the online education system in India.

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