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Government jobs: Good or Bad for career?

So, you are looking for a government job but you are not sure if this is what you want in your career? I was in the same position 2 years ago and I can understand you completely. The thing is that we are not anymore sure what is good or bad for us or for our career.

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The problem with our generation is that there are no jobs. No matter if you are an IT professional, an engineer or a commerce graduate, you will not find a job easily unless you are very lucky. So, the thing is that when you do not find a job and you are done struggling, you move towards the government industry. This is one scenario. There are also people out there who actually want to work form government and become a part of it.

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There are many reasons why someone will go with a government job in India. Here are some

  • Nice pay
  • Easy work
  • less stress
  • flexible and Easy timing
  • Job security
  • Secure future
  • Reputation
  • Extra benefits

These are the basic reasons why we find a government job attractive. One thing I want to make clear is that I am not at all against the government jobs. I just do not support the reasons people give or find to go for it.

And to support the title of this article, a government job is bad or good depending on the sector you choose. Like if you are an engineer and you join a bank just because you didn’t get a job in your field, then you are probably doing the wrong thing. There are many government jobs available for graduates from almost every field of education. So, if you want to join a govt job, you should find the right one.


Is it true that Crime Increases During the Muslim Holy Month?

The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us. Most individuals know the month-long quick is a period Muslims are required to exhibit restraint, lowliness and compliance to the will to Allah. What you may not know is that all through Ramadan crisis administrations are overpowered by a spike in wrongdoing a wonder known as “Ramadan fury,” which influences Muslim nations, as well as urban areas with high amassings of professors, from Dearborn to Deptford.

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The impacts of this tiring yearly quick have been generally contemplated. Scientists say those joining in danger headaches, drying out, dazedness, tachycardia, sickness, circulatory breakdown… furthermore even gout, owing to a construct up of uric corrosive. Heartburn brought on by pigging out is likewise a worry as is weight pick up: Muslims regularly heap on the pounds throughout the mid year months.

In any case aside from these restorative dangers, and more relevant to the crisis administrations and peace, is the essential reaction of not consuming, drinking or smoking in the daytime: peevishness that can overflow into roughness.

ramadan and crimes

Short-temperedness doesn’t simply influence teetotalers throughout the initial couple of days of forbearance; rather, peevishness expands constantly as the month progressed, prompting shorter and shorter melds as Eid al-Fitr, the victory gathering to check the end of the quick, approaches. It is maybe no amazement then that introverted conduct and household misuse surge all through the Muslim world in the Holy Month.

A standout amongst the most far reaching investigations of this yearly wrongdoing wave in Algeria uncovered unimportant wrongdoing expanded by a stunning 220 percent throughout Ramadan. Battles, debate and attacks climbed by 320 percent and occurrences of ladies and kids being beaten at home expanded by 120 percent. Furthermore, there was a 410 percent increment in mischances of different sorts and a 80 percent expansion in passings.

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The discoveries of the Algerian study are generally certified. From Egypt to Indonesia, recorded brutal wrongdoing expands by extraordinary rates all through the quick. What’s more, Ramadan compounds other social issues and generates particular unlawful acts all its own: offenses not by and large seen at different times of the year. Tyke traffickers in Yemen, for instance, exploit the expand in sustenance costs to buy kids from poor folks.