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Subject-wise Tips for 10th class students


  • Take a few to get back some composure on the major and ideas of the subject to obtain an additional edge over the contenders.
  • By and large the exams contain various inquiries that are immediate equation  and hypothesis based. Accordingly, make a point to reexamine these however many times as could be expected under the circumstances.
  • Rehashed practice is the key technique here. Utilize the recipes and hypotheses widely in tackling distinctive issues of a years ago’s papers and model papers, setting aside a few minutes yourself. Attempt and tackle no less than five numerical issues day by day.
  • A percentage of the moderately simpler subjects are Modern Physics, Optics, Oscillation & Waves, and Heat & Thermodynamics, which are more focused around hypothesis and immediate recipe. Setting up these well will get you beyond any doubt shot imprints.

10th Class Result 2015


  • This is a high-scoring subject while less tedious contrasted and different subjects.
  • The inquiries on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry can be endeavored first as these are actuality based and can be settled rapidly. This will help your certainty and give sufficient time for rest of the paper.
  • Speed with precision in taking care of issues must be procured intensive inside and out investigation of the subject and far reaching practice.
  • Altogether contemplate the name responses in Organic Chemistry, alongside illustrations, as these are amazingly imperative.
  • Record all the imperative formulae on a bit of paper and glue it where you can’t help seeing it every day.


  • As the subject incorporate loads of charts, accentuate on exceptional outlines alongside their hypothesis part.
  • Science includes learning and remembering troublesome wording. Work on spelling and composing such terms over and over to get to know them.
  • When you experience the whole syllabus, attempt to explain destination addresses first. At whatever point stuck, counsel the book to reconsider that partition. This will help you to get inside and out learning on the subject. Illuminate earlier years’ inquiries inside as far as possible.
  • Receive a learning style that you are most agreeable with. It can be the utilization of visual gadgets like drawing, diagrams, pictures, charts and maps, to name a couple. These supplements help you to hold the learning on the subject as you promptly relate the inquiry with an outline or a picture that you have experienced while contemplating the subject.

Online Practice Tests make Online Exam preparation easy

online practice

Practice is a way to gain perfection in something. Whether it is an exam or anything else, you can become perfect only if you practice. Talking about exams, we usually prefer books and tradition study material for exam preparation, but we often neglect the importance of practice.

Prepare for your exam with these Online Practice Tests

Practice is like the fuel to your exam preparation. If you study a topic/subject but you do not practice it, you end up forgetting the thing you had read. This is how it works. The best way of exam preparation or general study is as follow

Study material -> Study -> Practice

Practice is one very important part of your study and it matters because it gives a solid base to your study. The things you study remains in your mind for a limited time period unless you practice it soon after. There is even a concept for it.

  • If you study something and do not revise it at all, you forget it within 1 day
  • If you study something and revise it within one day, you will remember it for next 7 days
  • If you study something, revise it within one day but do not revise within 7 days, you will forget it within one month. But if you practice it before one week, it will be saved in your memory permanently.

This is how your memory works ans this is why practice matters.

Another major reason for practice is gaining perfection. More you practice something, better you will become in it. It is true for anything including study. If you struggle with a particular topic or concept, give it more time and practice more and more. You will make it easy one day.

Why Online Practice Test?

Online practice tests are easy to access. They are unlimited, unlike the limited number of practice tests and mock tests given in your books. They come from different sources and have quality and variety. You can use them anywhere anytime. And best of all, most of them are free

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State Bank of India PO Exam Tips

For those of you yearning for a keeping money vocation, the Sate Bank of India Probationary Officer recruitment might simply be the ideal take off platform. As the last date for application approaches here is a look at the SBI PO 2014 exam paper example and tips that will help you clear it.

SBI Recruitment 2014

Paper Pattern

The SBI PO recruitment will be held in two Phases. Stage I will comprise of the composed examination and Phase-II will incorporate a Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Just competitors clearing Phase-I exam will proceed onward to Phase-II.

SBI Recruitment 2014

The Phase-I examination will embody an Objective Test for 200 imprints and a Descriptive Test for 50 imprints. Wannabes will be obliged to endeavor both Phase-I exams in progression; first the two hour term workstation based Objective Test took after by the one hour paper based Descriptive Test. Negative checking is material for the Objective Test.

The Objective Test will be isolated into the accompanying segments:

1. English Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension and so forth)
2. General Awareness, Marketing and Computers
3. Information Analysis and Interpretation
4. Thinking

The Descriptive Test will test the English dialect composing aptitudes of the wannabe and will ask the scholar to endeavor a short abridgement, letter composing or paper and so forth.

Applicants will be obliged to secure passing stamps in each one area of the Objective Test and in the Descriptive Test. The passing stamps will be chosen by the bank authorites.

SBI PO Recruitment 2014


  • As negative stamping is relevant its vital to endeavor just the inquiries you are certain about
  • The English dialect segment incorporates inquiries focused around un-seen sections, antonyms, equivalent words, understanding vocabulary, fill in the spaces, discovering the failure in an announcement, confused up inquiries
  • Modify your essential syntax abilities by alluding to Grammar Book, for example, Wren and Martin
  • Listen to English news and work on talking in English, separated from helping you get ready for the Group Discussion and Interview, this will enhance your dialect abilities and help you recognize dialect failures
  • Look through a thesaurus to comprehend and modify antonyms, equivalent words and take in more vocabulary
  • The General Awareness, Marketing and Computer segment is a standout amongst the most scoring and can likewise be finished rapidly in the event that you have had intensive planning
  • Questions from the General Awareness, Marketing and Computer for the most part originate from saving money learning, current issues, machine information, working frameworks, workstation equipment and programming and fundamentals of advertising
  • Study from a late general learning book and essential books on machines and showcasing, concentrate on understanding the essentials

Information Analysis and Interpretation will test your scientific and systematic abilities